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The year 2023 has been a packed year with noteworthy achievements and milestones for Floki. This retrospective article will take a look at Floki’s strategic advancements, innovative product releases, key utility partnerships, effective marketing campaigns, and more — all aligned with Floki’s overarching mission to establish itself as the most recognized and used cryptocurrency in the world.



Floki has introduced TokenFi, a crypto and asset tokenization platform.

Projections indicate that the tokenization industry will reach a value of $16 trillion by 2030. BlackRock, the world’s largest institutional investor managing $10 trillion in assets, strongly believes in the industry’s potential, referring to it as “the next evolution in markets.”

TokenFi, with the ticker TOKEN, aims to streamline the crypto and asset tokenization process, with the ultimate goal of becoming the foremost platform in this sector. Its product lineup is strategically designed to position TokenFi as the leading tokenization platform globally:

  • TokenFi Token Launcher
  • TokenFi QuickLaunch Bot
  • TokenFi LaunchPad
  • TokenFi Generative AI
  • TokenFi AI Smart Contract Auditor
  • TokenFi Connect
  • TokenFi RWA Tokenization Module
  • TokenFi Staking

TokenFi already announced significant partnerships for its platform, including Dextools, DWF Labs, CoinGecko, and others. Moreover, TokenFi has additional partnerships in the pipeline, with announcements slated for the near future.

The TokenFi staking program initiative witnessed a remarkable uptake, with an impressive 17% of the TokenFi circulating supply staked within the first 24 hours of its launch. Stake durations range from 3 months to 4 years, reflecting a strong commitment from participants in engaging with the TokenFi ecosystem.



Floki’s staking program, also introduced this year, added an additional layer of utility value to FLOKI. Staking FLOKI allows users to earn TokenFi (TOKEN), Floki’s sister token. The program saw an impressive Total Value Locked (TVL) surpassing $91 million, with over 24% of its circulating supply locked away for 3 to 48 months. Despite this TVL, its Annual Percentage Yield (APY) still remained very attractive.

Claiming TokenFi rewards is possible at any time during the staking period.



Floki has unveiled another product this year with the introduction of its merchandise store, Shop Floki. This platform enables users to purchase unique items and fashion pieces not only for themselves but also for their loved ones, including beloved pets.

The launch of Shop Floki was driven by the increasing demand from the community, reflecting a desire to embody the Viking spirit in real life. This move represents Floki’s commitment to catering to the diverse needs and preferences of its user base.

Floki has entered into a strategic partnership with Binance Pay, levering the latter’s service to enable cryptocurrency payments on Shop Floki.

Additionally, the partnership involves joint efforts in a marketing initiative aimed at promoting awareness and driving engagement for Shop Floki. By teaming up with Binance Pay, Floki aims to foster a seamless and efficient crypto payment experience for users while amplifying the reach of its merchandise store through strategic marketing efforts.




Floki announced a strategic partnership with DWF Labs earlier this year. DWF Labs, a digital asset market maker and web3 investment firm, purchased $5 million worth of FLOKI tokens from the Floki Treasury. The partnership aims to accelerate FLOKI token adoption, especially within institutional circles, leveraging DWF Labs’ network and resources. This collaboration highlights strong institutional demand for FLOKI, providing funds to boost the Floki Ecosystem’s growth. DWF Labs, known for its industry connections, is set to play a crucial role in expediting Floki’s growth.

DWF Labs recently invested an additional $1,250,000 in FLOKI tokens from the Floki Treasury, showcasing continued support for the Floki Ecosystem. The ongoing partnership with DWF Labs, initiated in May 2023, has proven instrumental in key listings, utility adoption, and public endorsements of Floki’s progress. The collaboration extends to TokenFi, as both projects prepare for accelerated adoption during the upcoming bull run.


Floki shared an exciting collaboration with Pyth Network, marking the launch of the FLOKI/USD price feed and the integration of the Pyth Network oracle within the Floki ecosystem.

The establishment of the FLOKI price feed by Pyth Network represents a significant advancement in enhancing the functionality of the FLOKI token. This integration unlocks a endless possibilities for the Floki Ecosystem, particularly in terms of pivotal DeFi integrations such as lending/borrowing platforms, staking, and various other applications.


Floki announced a partnership with Venus Protocol, the largest lending protocol on the BNB chain. Venus has integrated FLOKI into its Isolated Money Markets. This integration enables FLOKI holders on the BNB chain to use their tokens as collateral and borrow a variety of other isolated market cryptocurrencies.

Venus, with a TVL of $1.435 billion, stands as a major DeFi player in the industry. This partnership strengthens Floki’s ties with the BNB chain, aligning with the preferences of the majority of Floki holders.

The collaboration enhances the utility of the FLOKI token, allowing holders to access liquidity without the need to sell their tokens.


Floki has integrated with leading Web3 shopping platform Uquid, enabling users to use FLOKI tokens for seamless purchases of over 120 million items on Uquid Shop. Uquid, established in 2016, is a major player in crypto-adopted ecommerce with partnerships including Binance Pay, Ledger, and Polygon. This collaboration adds to a series of partnerships, emphasizing Floki’s legitimacy and widespread acceptance in the cryptocurrency industry.


This year, Floki also announced the official launch of phase 1 of the Floki card. This initial phase introduces virtual prepaid debit cards in collaboration with FCF Pay, available globally. Users can generate virtual Visa/Mastercard prepaid debit cards and fund them with FLOKI tokens.

In this phase, FLOKI holders can create and fund prepaid virtual debit cards using FLOKI tokens or other popular cryptocurrencies on various blockchains. These cards have a $5000 balance limit, a daily transaction cap of $2,500, and can be utilized with millions of global merchants.



Floki is currently listed on more than 112 exchanges recognized by CoinMarketCap and saw notable listings during the year 2023, including:

  • Binance: The largest and one of the most respected exchanges with over 170 million users and 24-hour trading volume of over $9 billion.
  • KuCoin: Floki extended its utility to over 30 million users across more than 200 countries
  • BitHumb: With over 8 million South Korean users, Bithumb is one of the largest crypto exchanges in South Korea.



FlokiFi Locker, Floki’s advanced DeFi crypto locker protocol, underwent a significant upgrade earlier this year. It was launched on the mainnet of 14 EVM-compatible blockchains, extending its initial availability on 12 blockchains. The new additions are Base and opBNB.

The upgraded version introduces several features to boost protocol adoption and enhance the utility of the FLOKI token:

  • Referral Program: Users can generate a referral link from the FlokiFi website, earning 25% of fees from token and LP locks through their referral links.
  • Support for Native Payments: Unlike the initial version, the upgraded FlokiFi Locker allows users to pay fees directly with the native token of the blockchain they are using, lowering the barrier to asset locking.
  • Support for V3 Positions NFT LP Tokens: Users can now lock V3 LP tokens (V3 Positions NFTs) directly through the FlokiFi Locker app.
  • Extend Locks: Lock durations can be extended for assets, even if the initial lock period has not yet expired.
  • Burn Functionality: Users can directly burn LP tokens, fungible tokens, NFTs, and ERC-1155 tokens using the FlokiFi Locker app.

FlokiFi Locker, a secure and audited protocol monitored in real-time by Certik, stands as the industry’s most innovative crypto locker protocol, reinforcing the strong Floki brand.



DEXTools, the leading decentralized crypto token tracker platform boasting over 140 million users annually, integrated FlokiFi Locker onto its platform.

This integration enables DEXTools to automatically display the lock status of any token utilizing the FlokiFi Locker protocol. This coverage extends to LP tokens and ERC-20 tokens, providing users with real-time information on projects securing their LP tokens or other essential supplies through FlokiFi Locker.

This strategic integration is a significant milestone for FlokiFi Locker, positioning it as a leading crypto locker protocol in the industry.


GeckoTerminal, the DEX tracker tool from CoinGecko and the world’s largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator, also integrated FlokiFi Locker onto its platform.

GeckoTerminal, boasting over 50 million annual visits and tracking more than 1.5 million tokens across 100+ networks, now allows users to seamlessly access lock details for projects utilizing FlokiFi Locker.

This partnership opens up the potential for FlokiFi Locker and Floki to reach millions of new users, laying the foundation for a strong, mutually beneficial collaboration between two prominent crypto brands.


Floki strategically partnered with Thena, a leading BNB chain DeFi protocol, to enhance DeFi activities on the BNB chain. Thena will leverage and recommend FlokiFi Locker, vesting $7.6 million worth of THE tokens and endorsing it as the primary locker for projects within its ecosystem. This strategic partnership underscores Floki’s enthusiasm for building on the BNB chain and positions Thena as a promising DeFi protocol within the ecosystem.


Floki has partnered with InvestDex, a decentralized token tracker app, to integrate the FlokiFi Locker protocol and drive adoption. The integration displays lock data on InvestDex chart pages for tokens using FlokiFi Locker. Additionally, projects launching through InvestDex’s PowerLabs platform are required to secure their LP tokens and tokens with FlokiFi Locker. This strategic partnership aligns with Floki’s goal to establish FlokiFi Locker as the leading crypto locker protocol.


Floki also entered a partnership with Karma, a groundbreaking launchpad and DeFi platform with a strong emphasis on security.

In this collaboration, Karma has integrated the FlokiFi Locker protocol for its launchpad platform and will mandate projects launching with them to secure their tokens and LP with FlokiFi Locker. Furthermore, Karma committed to locking 100% of its LP tokens with FlokiFi Locker for six months and 32.9% of its tokens for three months.


Floki entered a partnership with Amino Rewards, a Web3 rewards network for sports, health, and fitness. Amino allows users to redeem products, experiences, and events and is an official partner of the Washington Commanders, an NFL team.

As part of this collaboration, Amino will exclusively lock all Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens and team/ecosystem/project tokens with FlokiFi Locker.

Additionally, Amino’s incubator company, DreamLabs, will exclusively use FlokiFi Locker to lock tokens and LP tokens for projects they incubate, further solidifying the partnership’s scope.



Floki and TokenFi established a dynamic partnership with Dextools, reaching out to an extensive community of over 140 million crypto enthusiasts. Floki and TokenFi strategically positioned its branding and messages on DEXTools’ homepage for a full year. This noteworthy agreement signifies Dextools’ first-ever commitment to a marketing collaboration of this duration with any project. As the world’s leading token data analytics platform, it’s crucial to emphasize that Dextools’ audience, mainly consisting of crypto-savvy users, makes this collaboration particularly impactful.


Floki engaged in a partnership with Btok, China’s largest crypto social network until the end of 2023. Floki enjoys prominent visibility in six key positions across the platform, presenting the Floki brand to an extensive audience of over 10 million Chinese crypto users.


Floki entered into a marketing partnership with India Maharajas for the Legends League Cricket Masters event in March 2023 in Qatar. This strategic collaboration expanded Floki’s presence in the mainstream, establishing connections with more than 700 million cricket enthusiasts.

Additionally, in the subsequent November 2023 event, Floki and TokenFi sponsored two teams: the Manipal Tigers and the Bhilwara Kings, further solidifying their involvement in the massive cricket scene.


Floki initiated a strategic advertising campaign focused on the home games of the world’s largest football club, Real Madrid, in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. Encompassing countries like China, India, South Korea, and Hong Kong, this region boasts a total of over 275 million Real Madrid fans. Floki strategically showcased its branding and messaging on the virtual perimeter board overlay during these games.


Floki established a strategic marketing partnership with The Kings League Infojobs, aimed to gain massive visibility and introduce the Floki brand to millions of people. This exclusive collaboration involves a unique seven-a-side football league with 12 teams, founded by football legend Gerard Pique in association with high-profile internet streamers like IBAI and THEGREFG, along with notable football personalities such as Iker Casillas and Kun Aguero.

The league, featuring distinctive rules for added dynamism and entertainment, kicked off its inaugural season on January 1, 2023.


Floki strategically collaborated with Badminton Asia for the 2023 Badminton Asia Championships. The aim was to introduce the Floki brand to over 600 million households in Asia, leveraging Badminton Asia’s extensive reach across the region. The tournament provided a significant opportunity for Floki to deepen its presence in key Asian markets and make inroads into the Middle East.


Floki entered into a strategic partnership with ITTF World Table Tennis (WTT), acting as the official sponsor of the ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Finals. This collaboration aimed to introduce the Floki brand to a vast audience of over 500 million globally. Notably, it was WTT’s first venture into cryptocurrency partnerships, granting Floki extensive exposure to table tennis enthusiasts.

This collaboration offered significant visibility in key regions such as China and Hong Kong. Table tennis, declared China’s National Sport in 1952, enjoys a massive following of over 337 million enthusiasts, particularly within the 16–49 age group — a demographic highly receptive to crypto.

Notably, Floki was featured on CCTV-5 during this event, the main sports TV channel in China today. This introduced Floki to more than 100 million people in China, as part of Floki’s sponsorship of the World Table Tennis Championships Finals.


Floki initiated a 2-month marketing campaign in Hong Kong to strategically position both Floki and its sister project, TokenFi, for dominance in the anticipated upcoming crypto bull run. The campaign aims to introduce Floki and TokenFi to millions during the festive period and Chinese New Year (2024). This strategic move will include prominent displays on iconic Hong Kong Tramcars, reaching premium audiences in key areas such as the financial district, shopping districts, and luxury residences. The campaign is expected to garner over 53 million views, aligning with the perceived commencement of a significant crypto bull run.


The Floki DAO passed a notable proposal among various others, deciding to burn 4.97 trillion FLOKI tokens in the main bridge and reduce the Floki transaction tax to 0.3%. This proposal garnered overwhelming support, with a 99.97% majority in favor of the burn and tax reduction.

The 4.97 trillion FLOKI tokens, initially valued at $55 million, rose to $102 million by the conclusion of the DAO vote. This decision reflects the effectiveness of crypto democracy, emphasizing Floki as the people’s cryptocurrency, with the DAO playing a crucial role in shaping the project’s future.


As the curtains close on Floki’s eventful 2023, we extend our gratitude to the resilient Floki community. Your support has been a driving force behind our strategic advancements, and Floki’s remarkable journey owes much to the commitment and enthusiasm of each Viking.

Looking ahead to the coming year, we’re excited to release our roadmap, unveiling Floki’s next chapter in its incredible adventure to becoming the most recognized and used cryptocurrency worldwide. Thank you for being an integral part of this journey.





FLOKI is the main utility token of the Floki Ecosystem. Learn more about FLOKI: