4 min readNov 3, 2021

With immediate effect, thanks to a strategic partnership with (SPI), you can now use your FLOKI tokens to purchase items from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Home Depot, and Etsy — and eventually AliExpress — through the SPI platform.

SPI is the biggest crypto ecommerce brand that lets you purchase pretty much anything with cryptocurrency through its direct integration with Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Home Depot, and Esty. An AliExpress integration is also currently being worked on.

Through SPI’s integration of these giant ecommerce brands, you can purchase pretty much any item available on their platform with crypto through the platform. All you need to do is login to your account on, search for whatever item you’d like to purchase, select the ecommerce site you’d like to purchase the item from (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Home Depot, or Etsy at the moment), select from the thousands of options presented, and pay with your FLOKI token.

It’s really that simple!

Both the ETH and BSC version of the FLOKI token have been integrated with SPI, so all FLOKI token holders can start using their FLOKI tokens to purchase items available on the top ecommerce platforms directly through with immediate effect.

FLOKI’s partnership with SPI is indicative of FLOKI’s plans to be a meme with solid utility even as it inches closer and closer to its goal of becoming the biggest memecoin in the world.

About is the first functioning bridge between cryptocurrency and eCommerce in a rapidly changing tech-centric world. Founded by a veteran group of dropshippers, crypto-developers and creative marketers, SPI aspires to forever change how individuals purchase things online.

SPI makes it extremely easy for individuals to purchase items online with cryptocurrency. Currently, SPI allows individuals to use over a hundred different cryptocurrencies to purchase items on sites like Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart. Effective immediately, SPI will integrate FLOKI into its ecosystem of supported cryptocurrencies so that FLOKI holders can use their tokens to buy things from SPI’s supported sites.

Just Another Step to World Domination

FLOKI has been on an absolute rampage over the past several weeks. FLOKI is shooting for world domination, and it is getting there in part due to its massive marketing campaigns. Just a few of the campaigns include an aggressive US television campaign, a strategic campaign in Dubai airports, and assaulting 6 cities in Switzerland.

US Television

FLOKI initially announced a massive and aggressive US TV campaign planned to run on some of the biggest TV channels in the United States for one month. This campaign will now run for 2 months and will have an impact of 204 million (more than double what was originally announced).

The FLOKI US TV campaign will have FLOKI featured on seven of the biggest TV channels in the US including:

- Fox News
- Fox Business
- Discovery Channel

The campaign will run starting December through January, and it will be essentially impossible to be in the US and not hear about FLOKI during the duration of this campaign!

Dubai Airport

In addition, FLOKI is coming to the Middle East with a bang — starting with a super aggressive airport campaign in Dubai.

In what is going to be the first of many campaigns targeting international airports, FLOKI will be prominently featured in 186 strategic locations in the Dubai International Airport for a full month starting November 1. The FLOKI Dubai campaign will feature 186 banners and billboards in key locations all around the airport and will become essentially impossible to ignore during the month of November.

The Dubai airport campaign is expected to have an impact of at least 25.7 million — exposing the FLOKI brand to millions of new people. Dubai is the most crypto friendly country in the Middle East and one of the wealthiest countries in the world with a GDP per capita of $69,957.6.

Data shows that a rapidly growing number of institutional investors and wealth managers in Dubai are starting to pay serious attention to crypto for themselves and their clients — so much so that it is projected that at least 1,000 crypto businesses will be operational in the country by 2022. Dubai is also a major tourist hub, with the Dubai International Airport attracting tens of millions of wealthy and affluent people from all over the world annually.

The FLOKI Dubai campaign strategically target the heart of Dubai’s wealth and positions FLOKI for massive exposure both to retail and institutional investors in the Middle Eastern country. More importantly, the FLOKI Dubai campaign signals our entry into the Middle East and the Arab region as well as FLOKI’s intention to more aggressively be the most-recognized cryptocurrency in the region.

Switzerland Campaign

In continuation of FLOKI’s aggressive marketing campaign targeted at Europe, FLOKI will have its brand and messaging featured on 99 billboards (digital 6 sheets) in 6 key cities in Switzerland.

Switzerland is the world’s second richest country based on purchasing power. Switzerland also has the highest crypto adoption rate of any country in Europe and is widely regarded as the most crypto friendly country in all of Europe. The combination of the wealth of the Swiss people as well as their love for crypto will make this a winning campaign for FLOKI.

For perspective, several of the world’s top cryptocurrencies including Ethereum and Cardano are headquartered in Switzerland, attesting to how big the European country is on crypto. The Switzerland campaign which targets 6 key cities in the European country is intentionally designed to be super aggressive: it will run for 2 weeks and will literally be difficult to avoid.

The FLOKI Switzerland campaign is expected to have an impact of 22.5 million, exposing the FLOKI brand to millions of Swiss people.The six cities targeted are: Zurich, Luzern, Basel, Bottmingen, Binningen, Allschwill






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