2 min readFeb 15, 2024

The Floki team is excited to announce that the playable Chinese version of its metaverse game Valhalla is now live on the opBNB testnet.

You can access it at:

The release, named “Enter the Dragon”, is in recognition of the large gaming community in China and the steady increase in our Chinese player base. Our goal is to make Valhalla more accessible, and this release is a step in that direction. It ensures that our Mandarin-speaking Vikings can fully appreciate and enjoy Valhalla.

More importantly, Chinese gamers can now temporarily play Valhalla without having to create a crypto wallet. This creates a hassle free and frictionless gaming experience while also significantly lowering the barrier to entry.

In addition, people who play Valhalla through the Chinese version will get a special anime version of Vikings to play with.

This new version also introduces some additional and modified content: It features a unique battle theme song, “Dragon’s War Dance,” which players can select to enjoy during their battles with Veras. Additionally, we’ve updated the character models to follow a popular gaming trend in Asia. Finally, in the new and original version, an additional language option has been added. Players can now switch between English and Simplified Chinese in the settings menu.

You can find in-depth details about this major development and read the full release notes here:

China is a gaming powerhouse and has the highest concentration of gamers in the world.


  • China is projected to have a whopping 772 million gamers in 2024. For perspective, there are more gamers in China than in Africa, North America, and the MENA region COMBINED.
  • The Chinese video game market is expected to generate $66.13 billion in 2024.

Our decision to release a Chinese version of our popular metaverse game Valhalla is part of our plan to build the world’s most successful crypto game by introducing a fun and innovative game to the world’s biggest gaming market.




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