3 min readDec 8, 2023

Dear Vikings!

We’ve got exciting news for you! 🔥

As many of you already know, 2% of the TokenFi supply was allocated to Floki NFT and Diamond Hands holders in the TokenFi tokenomics: 1% to Floki NFT holders and 1% to Floki Diamond Hand Holders. We would like to announce that the airdrop for Floki NFT holders was concluded today. The Floki NFT airdrop is based on a snapshot taken on Dec 5, 2023 between 4–5 am UTC.

First things first:

  1. Please be VERY CAREFUL of scammers and phishers who will want to use this opportunity to drain your wallets. We will NEVER DM you asking you to connect your wallet or send sensitive information to claim an airdrop. We will also NEVER add you to a group other than this and ask you to claim an airdrop or token. So, please stay safe.
  2. This is the ONLY TokenFi contract address: 0x4507cef57c46789ef8d1a19ea45f4216bae2b528. TokenFi has the same contract address on the BNB and ETH chains. If you got airdropped by ANY OTHER contract that is different from this, then it is a scam. Beware and stay safe.

With that out of the way, here is a summary of the $TOKEN airdrop for Floki NFT holders today:

  • Total number of wallets airdropped: 3315 on ETH + 211 on BSC = 3,526.
    - Number of tokens per point: 3,561.
    - Total number of tokens airdropped: 91,790,433 on ETH + 4,330,947 on BSC = 96,121,380.
    - Total number of tokens excluded due to suspected phishing wallet: 2,332,870 tokens. This would be worth $109,644.89 at current prices and would have been sent to this address which has been fingered in a lot of Floki NFT phishing scams: 0xc92c28361bb3ac6b48208b1e7d1cf883188fef19. We are doing this out of an abundance of caution. If the owner of this wallet thinks this is a false positive, they should email our support at to explain how all the Floki NFTs that were being phished keeps ending up in their wallet so your devs can take a look and come to their own conclusions.
    - Total number of tokens excluded due to the NFT in the burn address. 922,463 on ETH + 623,285 on BSC =1,545,748 tokens.

The above accounts for a total of 100 million tokens, or 1% of supply, allocated to Floki NFT holders!


As you might have noticed, a portion of the token (approximately 1.54% of what was allocated to the NFT holders) is excluded based on the number of NFTs in the burn wallet. This could possibly be up to 3.88% of what was allocated to NFT holders if we add the potential/suspected “phishing” wallet that was excluded.

This means a $TOKEN burn will be coming in the near future, which should make $TOKEN further deflationary. More details will be announced in due time! 👀️

Diamond Hands Holders

Our devs are still running the numbers for the Diamond Hands holders, since there seems to be a lot of them and we want to make sure there are no errors. We would be providing updates on this in the near future. Stay tuned!




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