4 min readJul 30, 2021


New partnership lets you use your FLOKI tokens to make purchases on 1,700+ stores including Amazon, Apple, PlayStation, Uber, and Netflix.

If there is one rhetoric Floki Vikings are used to, both from critics and FUDDERS alike, it is this:

FLOKI is just an ordinary meme coin without utility.

Of course, FLOKI is more than a meme coin — and, since the Floki community and team understand the importance of fundamentals in crypto, we have been particular about making this the meme coin with utility.

What happens when you combine the power of a passionate meme community with the knowledge and will of experienced crypto leaders who understand the importance of fundamentals: FIREWORKS!

That hasn’t stopped the critics from FUDDING, though, and we hope today’s announcement will silence them once and for all:

In what we believe will be a first for a Shiba-themed community coin, you will be able to use your FLOKI tokens to make purchases on more than 1,700 stores globally including Amazon, Ebay, Uber, Apple, and PlayStation via the CryptoCart platform thanks to a recently concluded partnership arrangement.

CryptoCart is a crypto ecommerce marketplace and facilitator that allows people to buy literally anything from over 1,700 stores worldwide including Amazon, Ebay, PlayStation, Apple, Starbucks, and other big shots.

CryptoCart, which has solid crypto connections and partnerships including with Chainlink and UTU, is a well-recognized name in the groundbreaking industry of letting people buy real world stuff with crypto.

CryptoCart takes a unique approach by allowing you to instantly convert supported cryptocurrencies to gift cards that you can instantly access and use to make purchases on more than 1,700 stores it supports including Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Ebay, Uber, Starbucks, etc. You just think about it!

More importantly, CryptoCart lets you use your crypto to make purchases without having to KYC on its platform (unlike other platforms in the industry); talk about a very seamless process.

Right now, CryptoCart allows users to transact using ONLY USDT, ETH, and its native CC token… but with the partnership with FLOKI, the FLOKI token is going to be among a new set of tokens that can be used to make purchases on all 1,700+ supported stores.

It’s also worth noting that no other meme coin (including those more established than FLOKI that most of us are familiar with) have access to this opportunity.

In other words, this is a first for FLOKI.

While the CryptoCart platform is live and working already, and people have been making purchases using the platform, it has started the process of integrating the FLOKI token into its platform.

This process is expected to be finalized in as soon as two weeks… after which you can literally use your FLOKI tokens to purchase anything on 1,700+ stores using CryptoCart platform.

So let your imagination roam.

Thanks to this partnership and the CryptoCart platform:

  • Yes, you will be able to finally use your FLOKI to buy your MacBook Air through this arrangement.
  • Yes, you will be able to use your FLOKI to buy LITERALLY ANYTHING available on the Amazon store through the process facilitated by the CryptoCart platform.
  • Yes, you will be able to use your FLOKI to buy your PlayStation and other game consoles.
  • You will be able to use your FLOKI tokens, via the CryptoCart platform, to pay your Netflix subscriptions.
  • The list is endless, and you can browse through all supported 1,700+ outlets on the CryptoCart site here.

Of course, we know that the vast majority of our VIKINGS are HODLERS… but this arrangement shows you that FLOKI is unique: we break grounds and thread where other bigger dogs dare not to.

More importantly, FLOKI tokens now have real utility.

While we have much bigger plans that we will be announcing in due time, we believe that this should effectively silence all FUDDERS and critics claiming that FLOKI has no utility.

So cherish your FLOKI tokens dear Vikings, as it is about to become more valuable: it has REAL UTILITY now.

We will be giving you more updates as soon as the integration process with CryptoCart is complete.

We will also be organizing a FLOKI AMA with CryptoCart soon so that you get to ask ALL your questions about this arrangement which practically makes it easy to use your FLOKI to buy stuff on your favorite stores and ecommerce platforms without having to go through hoops.




FLOKI is the main utility token of the Floki Ecosystem. Learn more about FLOKI: