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Every first Monday of the month, Floki core team member and
Head of Operations, B, does an AMA with the Floki community to keep Floki / TokenFi holders abreast of developments within the Floki and TokenFi Ecosystem and answer questions that users might have.

Please find the latest AMA below (February 5, 2024):

2) Hey B, How are you? my question is, after the problem that we had with Bitget for Tokenfi, will be possible for us to get listed there again one day? They are in the top 10 exchanges with more volume. And in your knowledge, how long will take for you guys from the core team to get the response from HONG KONG to give a green for the FLOKI and TOKENFI go head and the Marketing campaign? Thank you B 🫡

Tbh, I do not think we need to have TokenFi listed on such a manipulative exchange. In fact, if I had my way I would have them take Floki off their exchange as well.

I mean this exchange literally sold tens of millions of dollars worth of TokenFi tokens to users in the first week of the TokenFi launch when they had ZERO TokenFi tokens in their reserves to back it up. That is tens of millions of dollars worth of buy pressure that they dubiously sucked away without channeling it into the public TokenFi liquidity pool which was the only place to legitimately get those tokens.

This isn’t just some numbers I’m making up btw. You can read a detailed report made by a forensic crypto researcher about it here:

So, my main question is: knowing all of the above, why would we ever want to have TokenFi listed on their exchange? How do we trust their metrics enough to believe that they legitimately should be a “top 10” exchange? How do we know that they haven’t used the same manipulative tactics on Floki which is currently listed on their exchange? As far as I am concerned, they are a very corrupt and dubious exchange and we don’t want to have anything to do with them.

2) So CMC and CG verified Tokenfi’s mcap within 2 days of launch which is very rare. Will tokens launched through tokenfi have their mcap/supply verified immediately?

This is a good question!

No one can guarantee CMC and Coingecko listings, and especially market cap verifications. But we have very good relationships with these platforms and would be happy to put a word in for TokenFi’s most active users if need be. This doesn’t guarantee anything, but I’m sure it’s going to make things a lot easier, faster, and better for most!

3) Hi B, is there any specific reasons why the CertiK approval (for token launcher and other roadmap items) has taken longer than expected… Or has this approval been completed and these have simply not been launched yet because tokenfi are waiting for the right time to release?

The answer to this is actually very simple…

4) Idk how much you can reveal, but you said CEXs were told to hold listing on TokenFi launch. Are there more CEXs lined up for TokenFi or Floki which are on hold for better timing?


5) As we know “FlokiFi” stands for “Floki Finance” the umbrella name for a suite of decentralized finance products. What other products will we see under FlokiFi?

This is actually a really good question.

I believe our next roadmap will answer this question and I do not want to frontrun that, so I for now I will only say stay tuned for our new roadmap!

Before I got to the next questions btw…

For those who do not get it:

The TokenFi pre-announcement video we just dropped is a prelude to MORE to come for TokenFi:

Those who have been following us know that we have several items that were due to go live in Q4 of 2023 that were delayed due to several factors, some outside our control. Now I want to let you know that it is time to ship these items. For most of these, it’s just a case of announcing the dates and dropping the news!

As we’ve always said: DON’T fade Floki or TokenFi!

6) TokenFi Connect on mainnet in Q1 2024 remains relevant? TokenFi LaunchPad which was supposed to be released in Q4 2023 will be released in Q1 2024?

With our roadmaps, as communicated in my last AMA, we’re taking an approach where we avoid committing to certain dates going forward (at least publicly) to avoid disappointing users who might get their hopes up.

Does this mean we won’t be delivering stuff in Q1? Absolutely not. For Floki and TokenFi we have A LOT to ship in Q1, but we would much rather drop them when we are ready instead of putting a fixed date on some of these items which can lead to FUD and frustration when there are inevitable delays.

We will put up a roadmap soon, and we’ll have timelines internally for when these will be completed, but we won’t box ourselves in a corner by being too specific with dates (publicly). So, I won’t comment on TokenFi Connect other than say you should stay tuned. For TokenFi Launchpad, however, I would say that’s certainly going live in Q1 2024, God willing, as it is long overdue anyway — in fact, it’s much closer than many realize. I would also say we might have some really interesting announcements soon about that from an adoption perspective, so stay tuned!

7) Well i usually never ask questions but i do have an interesting one.. at floki HQ our tech made to be compatible with probably the most known or used blockchains which is great! But what about solana, is there any chance a RUST dev could join the floki forces to conquer solana !

I love Solana (A LOT!) and use it personally a lot…

As to your question, for now I will just say we’ll see… 👀️

8) What’s the ETA of Floki staking APY display fix?

This is the most important thing our devs are working on right now, so I expect it to be pretty soon. Possibly this week, but I’d say it’s best not to take my word for it and wait for an official announcement as things could always change.

9) Any date planned for when new 4 years staking period for FLOKI and TokenFi will be shut down?

No fixed date yet. We will be releasing an update about this soon.

10) Hi B , I have a question about strategy, Floki has put a big effort into the Chinese market with translation of the white paper of Valhalla and promotion in the Chinese market , how do micro economic figures coming out of that region affect that strategy? Thanks

Our strategy with regards to the Chinese market and Valhalla remain intact, and in fact I think we might have really exciting news coming as far as that is concerned real soon, but I’ll keep quiet for now. 👀️

So why China?

China has the world’s largest gaming market by far:

- There are 701.8 million gamers in China. For perspective, that’s more than the entire population of the United States.
- China is the world leader when it comes to gaming revenue. It was responsible for an estimated $42.6 billion in video game revenue last year.

These are some seriously impressive numbers. I mean, the gaming numbers from China alone is more impressive than that of some continents. That is no small feat. And tbh I don’t think macroeconomic data can significantly affect this in any significant way!

So I think Floki is looking really good as far as China is concerned, and I think we’re going to look even better REAL SOON! 🔥️

Speaking of VALHALLA…

For those who have been paying attention:

The latest version of Valhalla, in which our amazing core team member and Valhalla lead Mr. Brown Whale and legendary CTO Jackie Xu have been pushing the boundaries of innovation, recently went live on the opBNB chain!

The latest Valhalla release boasts several exciting new features, but what excites me the most is this:

Users now have the opportunity to play Valhalla without being required to have a wallet or submit a transaction.

I want you to read that again.

This is a PRETTY BIG DEAL and one of the most bullish things to happen to the game IMO, and I think many do not yet realize this. It also shows the extent to which Floki and Valhalla continue to push the boundaries of innovation.

The easier and simpler it is for users to play a blockchain game the better and more fun it is, and this latest update has given Valhalla a MAJOR strategic advantage, which is incredibly bullish for Floki! 🔥️

More importantly, and as a sign that Floki and Valhalla will truly disrupt this space, is the fact that Valhalla is officially the most active project on the opBNB chain mere days after going live on the opBNB testnet:

When Valhalla launched on the Optimism Goerli testnet in December 2022, we quickly rocketed to the first position as the most active project on the chain and maintained our leading position for A FULL YEAR until we moved over to opBNB. It’s been just days since we launched on opBNB testnet and Valhalla is already a leading project on that chain!

When you add to this fact that CMC ranked FLOKI as the most popular metaverse cryptocurrency in Q1 and Q2 last year (with over 30% of ALL the traffic in their metaverse category with over 200 projects), then that must be telling you something!

With Valhalla, we aren’t here to play and these latest changes that make it easy to onboard users to Valhalla will only further accelerate Valhalla adoption and utility of the $FLOKI token which is a pretty big deal!

Finally, for those who do not yet get it yet, launching Valhalla on opBNB is a KEY part of our strategic move to make Valhalla the TOP crypto game in the world… and many do not have the full details of what the opBNB launch on Valhalla entails and what it means for FLOKI adoption, but I guess that is a story for another day!

For now, just pay attention and enjoy while we BUIDL!

Floki indeed does like to build in silence, but you can bet we aren’t here to joke!




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