Monthly AMA with Floki core team member B (Jan. 8, 2024)

8 min readJan 8, 2024
AMA with Floki core team member B.

Welcome Vikings to our first AMA of 2024.

I know this one has been in high demand with everyone getting excited to hear from B. I hope you all brought the new year in the right way and are ready for what this year has for us coming up.

Let’s lock in Vikings and enjoy some spilt beans. 😁

1 — My question is, 100bviking this year will be a great year, we have 3 narratives that will make the crypto market more valuable. Knowing that, when will be possible to release a full Roadmap for #TOKENFI to attract more investors?

Thanks legend!

A new year gives a new start and an opportunity to aggressively pursue what we want. I feel excited about the new year and what lies ahead, especially leading into what many believe will be one of crypto’s greatest bull runs!

We will be releasing a 2024 roadmap for both Floki and TokenFi that outlines our plans for the year. That said, we’re still coordinating with the right partners (Certik, GUP, etc) to finalize the last items on the 2023 roadmap and push those live. Once those are live, we’ll work towards releasing a new roadmap.

2 — Floki staking rewards pool ends on 27 October 2027, so those staking $FLOKI for 4 years will have periods after 27 Oct’27 that they wont receive any rewards. Will you decommisioned 4 years Floki staking soon?

Good question! This is correct. All staking rewards will end on the 27th of October, 2027. The option to stake for 4 years will soon be removed.

3 — Any projected launch date for Floki university yet? Will #Tokenization & #RWA now be included? How will we increase adoption for it?

University of Floki is a roadmap item that was due to be delivered in 2023, I would rather not give a public release date right now out of an overabundance of caution. Internally, we have it slated to be ready for January, but I don’t want you to quote me on that until we actually deliver. We’ll update on the public release date soon.

As to whether tokenization and RWA topics will be included, of course. We believe this is the next biggest trend in crypto going forward and that it will be responsible for onboarding the next majority of crypto users, so of course there will be topics addressing these at some point.

We will be unveiling our plans for increasing adoption for University of Floki in due time.

I’ll use the TokenFi Token Launcher as an example (to clarify the above answer):

We submitted an audit request to Certik for the Token Launcher on the 27th of November, 2023. All things being equal, and based on the resources we allocated towards this, we expected that give or take the Token Launcher should be live on mainnet latest one month after we submitted the initial audit request. However, a series of back and forth with our auditor, fixes, improvements, and the December holidays complicated things such that this took MUCH LONGER than anticipated. Yesterday, which is a Sunday mind you, our devs finalized the latest set of changes recommended by Certik and submitted it to them. Now we are awaiting their feedback, and their recommendations will determine whether we continue the audit process or go ahead and launch on mainnet ASAP. Our devs believe Certik should be finally satisifed now, though.

So with products we launch we have several steps we go through:

  1. Ideation.
  2. Planning and mapping out the project, which is where timelines are determined.
  3. Development.
  4. QA
  5. After QA we either have relatively minor bug fixes or more serious bug fixes which needs to be checked before the next step.
  6. Audit. We will NEVER release a product before an auditor gives the go ahead, even if it means we miss deadlines… as much as we hate for that to happen. University of Floki has contracts that would be audited too, which makes it easy to give firm timelines off the bat to avoid a scenario in which we keep on delaying which then makes us look unserious.

We usually experience the most delay during process 4–6 since there are usually a lot of back and forths and changes that might require some things to be rebuilt. To account for these delays we often add a buffer to account for potential delays, but sometimes we just have scenarios that are difficult to anticipate.

Of course, we are learning from this and continuing to improve.

So does this mean we will stop doing roadmaps? Absolutely not. However, we will be doing two things going forward:

  1. Optimizing and recalibrating our roadmaps to BETTER account for delays like this so we don’t set the wrong expectations for our users when we give timelines.
  2. We will improve our communications for the roadmap to better emphasize that it is a GUIDELINE and just that. In other words, it is not set in stone. So going forward when we put out a roadmap we are putting it out there to show what timelines and internal commitments we have and to give a rough estimate of when we expect certain items to be released. That doesn’t make it set in stone, and dates can shift if need be. We want everyone to understand that occassionally there might be (and WILL be) slight changes in when certain roadmap items are delivered regardless of our best intentions. I’m communicating that here so expectations is properly set going forward, and we will be doing a better job communicating this in the future.

Our goal has never changed: we want FLOKI to be the most known and most used crypto in the world. We give roadmaps to outline how we intend to get there. Sometimes we might have a few delays here and there. Stuff happens. However, I’m sure that many continue to see very clearly our commitment to the project and the fact that we have outworked, and will continue to outwork, several other projects in the space even during the most boring periods in the market.

4 — Will the diamondhand airdrop be dependend on the number of tokens held in the wallet during the snapshot? (Meaning: More Floki’s result in a bigger tokenfi airdrop)


5 — There are numerous other ‘no coding required’ token launchers on the market. Since we don’t have the first mover advantage, why would users choose our token launcher over the competition?

There are several reasons why I think TokenFi has a strong advantage compared to other token launchers in the market:

  1. TokenFi is more than just a token launcher. Users who use our token launcher know that they can get a whole suite of solutions, including a launchpad and a platform that allows them to connect with key institutional players, so they are more likely to use our launcher.
  2. Our token launcher is backed by the strong Floki brand, which should help with adoption and trust.
  3. Our token launcher is extensively audited, which means users who launch with us can feel assured that they are launching an audited contract. I can’t say the same for other token launchers.
  4. We have a User Incentives System and Referral Program that incentivizes people to use and refer others to use our token launcher. Both of these will give us a massive advantage.
  5. Our token launcher has the BEST user experience of all token launchers I have seen in this space, and we continue to work to improve it internally. This is a BIG deal IMO!
  6. Our token launcher is set to support the most amount of blockchains of all token launchers out there. Eventually we expect it to support every major blockchain and become the de facto tool for creating new tokens on all major blockchains.

6 — After Valhalla & UoF is there any other protocols/utilities we could see in the Floki ecosystem? If so what could that be potentially?

Yes, there will be. We will be unveiling some of these in our 2024 roadmap.

7 — What are your top 3 utilities/protocols across both projects that you are the most Flokish/Tokish on?

  • TokenFi.
  • Valhalla.
  • University of Floki.

8 — Will the projects that will be launched on the #TokenFi #Launchpad be all audited?! How will we avoid the creation of scam projects?! Thank you 🙏🏻

Good question! The TokenFi Token Launcher is being extensively audited by Certik, and is in fact in the final stages of audit right now, so every token created with the platform can be considered automatically audited. So if a token raising funds through the launchpad is created with TokenFi, then it can be considered to be audited. If a token raising funds wasn’t created by TokenFi, then we can’t gaurantee their contract or whether or not they have been audited.

That said, I want to emphasize that we are building a decentralized launchpad, not a centralized one.

In other words, while we we have mechanisms implemented to significantly limit the chances of a scam launching on the platform, and we will continue to improve on this as we want to ensure the industry is as safe as possible, we can’t give a 100% guarantee on tokens that will be launching on the platform, so it will be just as important for users to DYOR. That’s how decentralization works; you can’t eat your cake and have it. You can look at this like Uniswap or any other DEX, for example: they can’t give guarantees on all the projects that list on their platform, because they are decentralized. While a lot of listed projects will be legitimate, there will also be those that aren’t. This is the nature of crypto. That said, we will have safety mechanisms implemented that users can pay attention to e.g. mandating LP locks, team token locks/vesting, and more. Even these would not provide a 100% guarantee or take the place of doing proper due diligence, but they will make the platform safer for most.

9 — Over the last 2+ years of being a core contributor what was the biggest hurdle you faced and how did you overcome it? Is there anything you wish you could’ve done differently about it?

This is an interesting question. 🤔️

Tbh, I’m not sure I want to *really* talk about this right now as people might not like the answer, and I’m not good at lying. I’ve taken note of the question though and who knows I might talk about it later.

I mean, I do genuinely love this project and remain committed to its future. There have been major challenges such as opportunity costs, health sacrifices, time/relationship sacrifices, and more that I have made due to being a core contributor. Having the knowledge I have now, would I want to repeat the process again despite these challenges? ABSOLUTELY, AND HAPPILY! However, there have also been death threats, extreme hate, dox attempts, and more that makes me question things sometimes. Definitely not what I signed up for or envisioned in my wildest imaginations. so I’m sure some of you will understand what I mean here… That said, I’m in this for the long haul! ❤‍🔥

10 — What excites you about what is planned for TokenFi in the first quarter of 2024?


For one, the fact that several of the Q4 2023 roadmap items got shifted to Q1 2024 makes it so much more exciting. I’m referring to the following:

  • TokenFi Token Launcher mainnet.
  • TokenFi QuickLaunch Bot mainnet.
  • TokenFi Launchpad mainnet.
  • TokenFi User Incentives System mainnet.

When you add this to other product releases already slated for Q1 2024 then you realize how much more exciting things are going to become.

Then we have stuff we’re working on internally, that could have significant impact in positioning us strongly and strategically as the tokenization and RWA trends catch on, which I can’t talk about right now due to NDAs and the sensitive nature of these matters.




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