Floki’s Second Guerrilla Marketing Competition ($37,000 USDT Prize Pool!)

3 min readApr 17, 2023

Floki’s Guerrilla Marketing Competition is a promotional activity that challenges participants to come up with original and creative ways to spread the word about Floki in real life. The goal is to create a memorable experience for the audience and increase awareness for Floki using outside the box marketing tactics.

With over 300 entries in Floki’s first Guerrilla Marketing Competition, Vikings took their opportunity to show real world raiding activities.

It’s time to sharpen your axes and polish your shields again for Floki’s second Guerrilla Marketing Competition! Take your creativity outside of the digital realm and create a real world marketing activity to win a share of $37,000 USDT prize pool.

The competition will run from April 17th 6pm UTC through August 17th 6pm UTC (4 months). Entries will be accepted starting on May 17th.

Joining this competition is quite simple and requires only a few steps:

1. Record a video of your real world marketing activity that you did for Floki.

2. Share your submission on Twitter with a description of what it is and where it happened.

3. Use the hashtag #FlokiUltras2 and tag @RealFlokiInu.

1st place: 12000 USDT
2nd place: 9000 USDT
3rd place: 6000 USDT
4th place: 3000 USDT
5th place: 2000 USDT
6th place: 1500 USDT
7th place: 1250 USDT
8th place: 1000 USDT
9th place: 750 USDT
10th place: 500 USDT

How winners will be determined:
The 10 most creative, viral, fun, and flokish entries will be shortlisted by the marketing team for a DAO vote by Floki Vikings to determine the order of winners.

- The submission must be an original design without the use of copyrighted material.
-The submission must not insinuate any price action.
-The marketing activity must not endanger the health or safety of the participants or others involved in the activity.
- The marketing activity must not be offensive or harmful in any way, including but not limited to promoting hate speech, profanity, racism, sexism, violence or anything considered poor taste.
- The winners will be announced publicly, and their names and marketing activity may be used for promotional purposes by Floki.
- Only one entry per person is allowed.
- Entries must be submitted before the competition deadline.
- By participating in the competition, the participants agree to be bound by these rules and any decisions made by Floki.
- If your submission is selected, please note that Floki will have full rights to utilize this in any way it deems fit. As such, you forfeit any rights to the submitted submission along with any remuneration that is witnessed in perpetuity.
- Contestants under the age of 18 will require parental consent to participate in the contest.

Please ensure you follow all rules strictly in order to qualify.

Floki is not responsible in any way for the actions taken by individuals participating in this event. All actions as it relates to this campaign should be lawful and in accordance to your local laws and regulations. Actions taken and/or activities engaged in are at the sole direction of the individual participants. Floki does not and will not provide guidance or instruction of any kind. Each participant is responsible for their own actions. By participating in this event you agree that Floki will not be responsible nor legally liable for your actions.




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