Floki to Launch Playable Valhalla Battle Arena Alpha Testnet February, 2022

4 min readFeb 4, 2022

Floki blew away the skeptics with its incredible run in 2021 and is prepared to go to another level in 2022 as a crypto ecosystem that marries the power of community-driven memes and NFTs with legitimate charitable partnerships, notable utility and an eagerly anticipated play to earn (P2E) metaverse game: Valhalla.

No other crypto project can compete with the bullish enthusiasm of the Floki Vikings. Partnered with market-maker Wintermute and vetted by blockchain security giant CertiK, Floki is poised to exceed expectations in 2022.

Floki’s First-Mover Advantage in an $8T Market

Floki announced its move into Metaverse gaming in the summer of 2021 and is well into the development of the flagship Valhalla P2E game. This and the massive community give Floki a significant first-mover advantage in a new market with an estimated worth eight trillion dollars in China alone, per Morgan Stanley:

…the nascent virtual space in China alone would become an $8 trillion market in the future — the same valuation fellow investment bank Goldman Sachs recently forecast the metaverse would be worth globally.” — Blockworks

No other P2E Metaverse game with NFT integration can compete with Floki’s global marketing effort and enthusiastic community. Which means Valhalla is poised to disrupt and dominate a world-changing industry that has yet to become mainstream.

The Valhalla team has done a great job laying the foundation for traditional gameplay to properly enter the blockchain space. Valhalla will not be just another disjointed play-to-earn game — we’re ready to see what GameFi can really do! — Jackie Xu (Lead Floki Developer)

The opportunity is clear. As the Floki Vikings say: Valhalla or nothing.

Floki’s Flagship P2E Game: Valhalla

FLOKI’s P2E NFT Metaverse game will feature A-level game mechanics on the blockchain and upgradeable NFTs, including the already-minted Flokitars that will have in-game utility to be discovered later. The Floki Vikings minted 10,000 of these NFTs which sold out in a record 32 minutes, raising an incredible $1.4m which was donated to the Million Gardens Movement charity to support its initiative to combat food insecurity and help people eat healthy.

February, 2022: the Valhalla Battle Arena Alpha Testnet

The Floki Team is thrilled to announce the launch of the first playable Valhalla Alpha Testnet, anticipated this February. This launch will solidify Floki as a first mover in P2E Metaverse gaming and give the rabid Floki Vikings community an opportunity to directly participate in the development of the complete Valhalla gaming metaverse through feedback at a critical point in the game’s development.

We are excited to showcase Floki’s first move into Valhalla. The Battle Arena in itself will be a lot of fun and involve strategy beyond simply clicking the highest dmg attacks. You’ll need to think about your opponent’s move before you act. Our ultimate vision is to create a P2E ecosystem that’s fun for some and very rewarding for others. This Alpha Battle Arena release brings us one step closer to that reality. — MrBrown Whale (Valhalla Project Lead)

Battle Arena Alpha Features

The Valhalla Battle Arena Alpha Testnet will boast these features at launch:

  • A prototype battle system involving two Vera (playable creatures):
    - Bear Vera
    - Hat Vera
  • Vera will move on a battlefield, making the game more intense, competitive and tactical.
  • Vera’s moves will be location-based (e.g. not simply click and hit).
  • Vera will have up to five abilities, accessible through up-leveling.
  • Vera will have different personalities that affect hidden growth stats (these will be patched at a later date).
  • Vera will have one of three runes, each with specific associated ability (ultimate).
  • Kovan Testnet will be on optimism (note: for tokens on testnet, people will be able to use https://faucet.paradigm.xyz/ daily to accumulate).

Features anticipated shortly after launch

  • Clan Subscription System
  • Leaderboard
  • Additional Vera
  • Additional Abilities
  • Additional Runes
  • Additional Personalities

Please note the details and features described are subject to change, as of course game development is a fluid process.

The prototype will be web-oriented, so early Floki adopters will have the opportunity to play this portion of the game principally on their desktops, integrated with MetaMask.

Crypto doesn’t discriminate. It rewards and punishes users based on choices and does not care what your color, religion or identity is. This is liberating and revolutionary and P2E Metaverse Gaming will leverage this incredible technology to build the future of entertainment, community and finance online. It’s why we’re here and why Floki’s flagship game Valhalla is an important part of our goal to bring the power of crypto to the people. — MrBrown Whale (Valhalla Project Lead)

Feedback & Further Development

The Valhalla development team will continue to update both functionality and visual elements of the game as they prototype, test and take feedback from the community. We couldn’t be more excited to launch this playable portion of Valhalla, keeping in mind this is a playable Alpha intended for testing purposes.

Join the Floki Vikings

For more information about Floki, visit floki.com and join our community on Telegram and Twitter.




FLOKI is the main utility token of the Floki Ecosystem. Learn more about FLOKI: https://floki.com