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Valhalla, Floki Inu’s flagship utility product, seeks to be the first in the crypto space to implement onchain NFT interactions, allowing players to interact in a metaverse that pays its users for playing.

Floki Inu, as part of its effort in continuing to build out utility to its token, has unveiled its flagship project named Valhalla. Valhalla is an NFT metaverse game run on the Floki Inu token.

Non Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, have transitioned from being a lesser known, side show, to the crypto world, to becoming one of the most significant pieces of the crypto industry. One of the ways NFTs are now being leveraged is to give power back to gamers. Valhalla seeks to provide gamers with a fun and immersive experience that they can fully own.

Valhalla is a play-to-earn NFT metaverse. In addition to being rewarded for battling, everything that you obtain in the metaverse is yours to own and to sell as you please.

The team working on Valhalla have been working on NFT games since 2017, are at the head of a development team of 15, and are onboarding high-profile advisors with experience developing successful mainstream addictive games. The Floki Inu team never disappoints on development!


You as a player have just come of age. The Viking way of life begins. You begin your journey on Floki Island. The island is home to all beginning players, a few NPCs, and the following buildings:

1. Inuversity: home to Professor Musk.

2. B’s Shop: for all your item needs.

3. The Harbor: where ships are docked and the starting point for raids.

In addition, the island has several wildlife areas where players can encounter certain Vera and areas where players can make use of the gardening system. Floki island is not the only island in the Valhalla metaverse. Vikings have to raid other islands, right?


Users will be able to create their unique playable character (an ERC 721) to walk around in and interact with the world of Valhalla. To make a playable character the user must hold a certain amount of Floki in their wallet. Players can make use of the Floki Genesis NFT collection (i.e., the collection containing bronze, silver, diamond and ruby Floki Inu statues) to power up their player character. Ultimately, players may be able to reach Flokimandu upon collecting the entire Floki Genesis NFT collection.

The economy of Valhalla runs on the FLOKI token. To acquire new items (e.g., potions and crystals), players must get them at the shop (“B’s shop” on Floki Island) or buy them from other players. The FLOKI spent on items is sent towards the Valhalla treasury. Items are stored in a players travel bag and can be used while on the move or in battle.


Your home, Floki Island, is overrun by Vera. Vera, short for “vera til” or “to be obtainable” in Old Norse, are the upgradeable creature NFTs that can be found in the world of Valhalla. Vera can be captured or purchased from other players and can be used in the game’s turn-based battling system.

The world of Valhalla houses a plethora of Vera. Each Vera is available in more than 1 quadrillion variations. Players are privy to 10 unique starter Vera. These are picked in specific subsets of 3 by Professor Musk and presented to the player. The player then decides which of the 3 Vera becomes their starting companion. Additionally, there are 10 other unique Vera on Floki island. Off the island, players can find 16 more unique Vera after venturing to the first raidable area.

All battles in Valhalla occur on-chain resulting in upgraded Vera NFTs post-battle. In addition, all battles have a play-to-earn mechanism where players are granted FLOKI after winning a battle. The battles are turn-based, with Vera taking turns performing moves from their available move sets. Players are responsible for teaching their Vera the moves they prefer and selecting their desires move per turn.

Valhalla is the first project to incorporate upgradable NFTs all occurring onchain. All upgradeable Vera NFTs gain experience after winning a battle. Vera gain a level after certain experience thresholds are hit. A Vera’s attribute points increase after gaining a level. The number of gained attribute points depends on the base attribute values of that specific Vera combined with its innate potential attribute values and trained attribute values.

Upon achieving level 8, Vera can learn a new move. Players can pick one out of two available choices. These choices are randomly selected from the available “general” move pool. General move pools contain moves for a specific Vera type. Upon achieving level 16, Vera can once again learn a new move. Players can pick one out of two available choices. These choices are randomly selected from the available “specialized” move pool. Specialized move pools contain moves for a specific Vera species.

Players can only capture new Vera if they have room available in their party. By default, on Floki Island, the party size is two. This means that players cannot capture new Vera if they walk around with two Vera. They must venture out with one Vera if their intention is to capture a new one. Party sizes vary depending on the type of ship used to voyage to a designed place.

Players can’t leave their Vera NFTs in a random location to remove them from their party. To remove a Vera from a player’s party, they must leave it at the daycare. The daycare supports three Vera per player by default. The number of available slots can be increased by spending FLOKI.


Floki Island only contains a subset of all possible Vera. In addition, the Vera encountered on Floki Island are relatively weak. To find other (stronger) Vera, players must venture out into other parts of the world of Valhalla. This is part of the raiding system and requires a ship (to leave the island).

To go out raiding, players will need to acquire food to sustain themselves and their Vera companions on the travel. Food can be acquired at the shop or by cultivating crops through the gardening system. The amount of required food depends on a few factors:

1. The distance of the island to raid,

2. The number of companions brought along the voyage, and

3. The number of companions brought back from the voyage.

Players can buy ships from the shop. Ships have two attributes:

1. Party space

2. Cargo space

Players can customize their ships to show off their prowess and personality.


In collaboration with Kimbal Musk’s Million Gardens Movement, the gardening system allows players to cultivate their crops on Floki Island. There are a multitude of available crops, not all of which are unlocked from the start. Players will be able to sow seeds and tend to them to grow crops that can be used for the creation of various in-game items.


Valhalla is currently in production. As production continues, the Floki Inu team will be releasing updates on a regular basis, which will include concept art, 3D animated visuals, and eventually gameplay footage.

In addition to releasing the first version of Valhalla, the team will also be releasing updates to the game to include housing, additional islands to raid, additional Vera to capture, and even player versus player battling. Please join us in the journey of creating one of the most immersive NFT metaverses in the crypto space.




FLOKI is the main utility token of the Floki Ecosystem. Learn more about FLOKI: https://floki.com