Floki integrates OKX Chain as one of the first major chains to launch FlokiFi Locker

2 min readSep 1, 2022


Floki has partnered with OKX Chain and we will be launching our innovative digital asset locker protocol, FlokiFi Locker, on the OKX Chain mainnet.

OKX Chain (or OKC!) is a leading L1 blockchain created by crypto giant OKX. OKC allows developers to create secure and programmable smart contracts in an extremely fast and cheap environment.

OKX Chain’s impressive blockchain architecture is widely used by both crypto developers and users: so far more than 2.36 million addresses and 122 million transactions (and rapidly growing!) have been created on the OKX Chain.

OKX Chain x FlokiFi Locker

OKC will be one of the first major chains FlokiFi Locker will be launching on.

Thanks to OKC’s developer-friendly support and network access, we can build on the chain and contribute to the broader OKX ecosystem.

Furthermore, we will be building more innovative and disruptive DeFi products on the OKC chain in the future as we believe it has massive potential due to its strong underlying infrastructure. This will be done in close collaboration with the OKX Chain team.

About OKX Chain

OKC is a secure & programmable smart contracts platform for next-generation decentralized applications, backed by OKX, one of the largest crypto exchanges. The technology built into the chain was designed explicitly for high-performance dApps with lower cost, making it an excellent match for many DeFi protocols, NFTs, and other Metaverse applications.

Website: https://www.okx.com/okc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OKCNetwork

About Floki & FlokiFi Locker

FlokiFi Locker is a secure and innovative crypto locker solution that allows crypto project developers and individuals to quickly and securely lock Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens, NFTs, and fungible tokens. It is the only locker protocol to integrate the ERC-1155 standard.

FlokiFi Locker is one of Floki’s key utility products that is powered by the FLOKI token and backed by the strong Floki brand as well as several leading industry brands.

Floki is the people’s cryptocurrency and one of the most recognizable crypto brands, with an active partnership with a leading Formula 1 team and partnerships with 8 international football brands. These partnerships have exposed the Floki brand to a mainstream audience of billions of people.

Website: https://www.floki.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/realflokiinu




FLOKI is the main utility token of the Floki Ecosystem. Learn more about FLOKI: https://floki.com