3 min readMar 20, 2022

A blacklist function was introduced into the FLOKI contract during the V4/Nottingham upgrade to address a critical and previously undetected V1 inflation bug that resulted in people getting excess tokens.

The blacklist function has served its purpose in helping address the inflation bug, and based on feedback from the Floki community and in line with FLOKI’s vision of being a truly decentralized cryptocurrency, we would like to introduce a DAO vote to determine whether the blacklist function should be renounced or retained.

FLOKI will be having a DAO vote to determine whether to renounce the blacklist function and become more decentralized as a cryptocurrency.

If the Floki DAO votes to renounce the blacklist function, the decision will be binding and onchain proof will be provided to show that the function has been renounced.

Here is where to vote:



1. Is there any advantage to renouncing the blacklist function?

Yes. This conclusively puts an end to unnecessary FUD claiming that the team can arbitrarily use the blacklist function in the future or that whales won’t come in due to fears of being blacklisted in the future. With the blacklist function renounced, it is impossible to blacklist anyone even if we wanted to.

More importantly, this makes FLOKI further decentralized — as many people believe having a blacklist function in a contract makes it centralized and goes against the ethos of crypto.

2. Is there any disadvantage to renouncing the blacklist function?

It would be impossible to blacklist people again in the future.

3. Would renouncing the blacklist function make it impossible to get listed on T1s in the future?


4. Does renouncing the blacklist wallet mean wallets that got excess tokens get back these excess tokens?

No. The excess tokens still need to be returned. It just becomes impossible to blacklist new wallets in the future.

5. What happens to wallets currently on the blacklist if the blacklist function is renounced?

These wallets will permanently remain on the blacklist, since the same function used to blacklist is also used to whitelist. Once renounced, new addresses can’t be blacklisted and old addresses can’t be whitelisted. However, the multisig is permanently whitelisted which means even though these wallets can’t be removed from the blacklist they can still send back excess tokens to the multisig and have what they actually deserve after the excess has been removed vested (based on a previous DAO vote) to another wallet of their choosing not on the blacklist.

6. Can you vote on both the ETH and BSC networks?

Yes, you can vote regardless of whether your FLOKI tokens are held on the ETH or BSC network.

7. Is the team confident about things being fine if the DAO votes to renounce the blacklist function?

Yes. Otherwise we wouldn’t put it to a vote.

Regardless, whatever the Floki DAO decides is what will happen.

Your vote counts. So please go vote!




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