Floki Completes Monumental School Project in Nigeria

2 min readMay 16, 2022


One of the pillars of the Floki project is charity. Everything the Floki Team does is dedicated to improving the world, whether through developments in crypto and the metaverse or “IRL” charitable giving. To that end, the Floki Team is excited to announce that the school project in Nigeria has been completed.

This state of the art school will begin operating soon, with a commissioning ceremony on Wednesday, May 18th 2022. The Floki Team has accomplished this development in partnership with the United Nations, the Embassy of Japan and the Tabitha Cumi Foundation.

The Nigerian school is a perfect example of Floki being a force for good in our world according to Floki core team member B:

At the heart of everything Floki does lies a deep desire to impact humanity.

While we continue to build to disrupt crypto, we’re doing so with the aim of making the world a better place.

We are excited that thousands of children in Nigeria will now be able to access quality education because of Floki. This is what happens when a crypto movement decides to be a force for good in the world we live in.” — B.

Floki Vikings Make a Real World Impact

We will post images and further content around this school and its opening soon to our social media channels including Twitter. Interested Floki Vikings who would like to attend this commissioning ceremony are welcome. Simply DM Floki Team member “Lintern” (@mastermindcrypt) on Telegram for details and to RSVP.

The commissioning ceremony will start 10am Nigerian time (9am UTC) Wednesday, May 18th for anyone who wants to join. The message to Floki Vikings is clear: “YOU helped build this school. And you get to attend the commissioning if you so desire.”

Education Is at the Heart of “the People’s Crypto”

Floki is committed to education, charity and a real-world impact to improve lives for generations to come. The Floki Team has plans to build further schools in Ghana, Laos and Guatemala. These projects correspond to another of Floki’s pillars: the hotly anticipated “Floki University” project, launching in 2022.

This global, charitable work in education follows a notable $1.4m donation to Kimbal Musk’s Million Gardens Movement in 2021 to help fight food insecurity.

Learn More About Floki

Floki is changing the game in crypto. You can learn more about the project at floki.com and find us on Twitter. We encourage you to check out the playable Alpha version of Valhalla at valhalla.game and to join our movement on Telegram.




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