4 min readFeb 21, 2023

Floki has an ambitious goal of becoming the world’s most known and most used cryptocurrency. We know that for this to happen we need to be aggressive about creating innovative utility solutions and strategic in pushing for their adoption.

This roadmap highlights our focus for 2023 and allows the Floki community to see what our plans are for the year and keep track as we work through the different phases.

Please note that while we’ve had this roadmap internally since the beginning of the year we’re only just releasing it publicly. As a result, some of the things listed in phase 1 might have been completed.

Phase 1


  • Shop Floki launch: Launch of Floki’s merch store, Shop Floki, to the public. Floki Vikings and their loved ones will be able to buy Floki merch with crypto and fiat.
  • Binance Pay partnership: Partnership with leading crypto industry payments solution Binance Pay. Binance Pay is an arm of Binance, the number one crypto brand in the world and the largest crypto exchange. This partnership will help Floki facilitate crypto payments mainly through our merch store.
  • Valhalla Website Upgrade: We will release an upgraded version of the Valhalla website.
  • Chinese Whitepaper: Introduction of a Chinese version of the Floki whitepaper to position Floki to onboard millions of Chinese crypto users.
  • Introduction of the Floki “China Plan”: Launch of a strategic Chinese marketing campaign aimed at introducing Floki and our flagship utility project Valhalla to millions of crypto users in China. This includes a partnership with China’s biggest crypto social media platform.
  • Partnership with Pyth Network (Major Oracle Solution): Partnership with major decentralized oracle solution Pyth Network. This oracle solution will set up a FLOKI price feed that allows DeFi protocols to easily integrate Floki. This enhances the utility value of the FLOKI token and allows FLOKI token holders to access more DeFi facilities.


  • Launch on OKC: The FLOKI token will be launched on OKC (also known as OKX chain) through a strategic partnership with the OKX team. This will make OKC the third chain the FLOKI token is available on, besides the ETH and BNB chains, and will increase options users have for getting the Floki token, which helps with our goal of making FLOKI the most known and most used cryptocurrency in the world.
  • DeFi Lending and Borrowing: FLOKI will be integrated by one of the biggest DeFi protocols in the world to provide DeFi lending and borrowing facilities to FLOKI holders. With this integration, FLOKI holders can access loans in stablecoins or popular cryptocurrencies by using their FLOKI tokens as collateral, thereby allowing them easy access to liquidity without having to sell their FLOKI tokens.
  • FlokiFi Locker First Major Upgrade: The first major (and most pivotal) upgrade to Floki’s innovative crypto locker protocol FlokiFi Locker will be released. With this upgrade native payments, a referral program, burn functionality, full support for the Uniswap V3 LP positions NFT, and the option to extend locks will be introduced to the FlokiFi Locker protocol. This upgrade will strategically position FlokiFi Locker to quickly hit its first $100 million TVL and beyond.
  • Staking Phase 1: “Phase 1” of the native Floki staking program will be launched with a pivotal DAO vote in which the Floki DAO will determine the nature of the rewards to be given in the Floki staking program. This lays the groundwork for the full launch of Floki’s native staking program.

Phase 2

  • Staking Phase 2: The full native Floki staking program will be launched, thereby allowing FLOKI holders to stake their tokens to earn rewards.
  • FlokiFi Redesign: The FlokiFi protocol will be completely redesigned to meet modern standards and enhance conversions. Several new features will also be introduced with the redesign.
  • Floki Debit Card: The Floki Debit Card will be released.

Phase 3

  • FlokiFi “Project TL”: FlokiFi’s second major product, currently codenamed “Project TL”, will be released. It will launch initially on 4 chains (tentatively: ETH, BNB, Arbitrum, OKC). A fixed transaction fee will be charged to use this protocol, and a portion of this will go towards automatic buyback and burns of the FLOKI token which will further make the FLOKI token deflationary.
  • University of Floki: The public version of University of Floki will be released.

Phase 4

  • Valhalla Mainnet: The mainnet version of our flagship utility product and metaverse game Valhalla will be released to the public. Valhalla on mainnet will feature on-chain gaming mechanics, PlayToEarn economy, upgradeable NFTs, and Open World.
  • Valhalla Chinese Version: A Chinese version of Valhalla will be released to position Floki to capitalize on the massive gaming economy in China.
  • Mystery Project: We will launch a “mystery project” that will play a key role within the Floki ecosystem as will become evident soon. We won’t reveal too much about this project for now, but as we get close to the launch of the project we will gradually release additional details.

We want to make it clear that while this is our planned roadmap for this year, we are putting each of these items in phases so that we don’t box ourselves with “months” or “quarters”. Phases in this roadmap do not necessarily stand for “quarters” — phases could be faster or slower than a quarter. We will only move to the next phase after a phase has been completed. Users can easily determine what phase we’re at by looking at items that have been completed in a particular phase.

Also, while specific marketing events aren’t highlighted on the roadmap for strategic reasons, we have several marketing moves planned as well that we’ll be unveiling throughout the year at key times.

In general, there is a possibility that we add more items to this roadmap as the year matures. We will communicate accordingly. Stay tuned!




FLOKI is the main utility token of the Floki Ecosystem. Learn more about FLOKI: https://floki.com