3 min readJun 30, 2022


As we head into the second half of the year, we believe that we should set expectations and provide a clear roadmap that outlines what we aim to achieve in the second half of 2022.

Lots of really exciting stuff planned for Q3 and Q4 as you can see below!

Q3 2022:

Gemstone NFTs

The much anticipated Gemstone NFTs will be released in July.

This consists of the Aurum Gemstone of Truth NFT, Diamond Mind Gemstone NFT, and the Ruby Heart Gemstone NFT.

These NFTs will give holders special privileges including qualifying them for early access to the Floki Debit Card, which is expected to be available later this year, as well as other perks.

Project L

The first version of Floki’s “Project L” utility protocol is expected to be released in July.

Project L will enhance Floki’s utility case by using FLOKI tokens for transactions. It will have a dual role of making Floki deflationary and filling up the Floki treasury to allow for more aggressive development and adoption of Floki.

This release is shaping up to be exciting with partners already lined up prior to release to make a strong long term case for adoption of the protocol in helping grow Floki from a utility standpoint.

Floki Cross-Chain Bridge

A new Floki cross-chain bridge will be introduced to allow for easy and seamless transfer of FLOKI tokens from the ETH chain to the BSC chain and vice versa.

Valhalla Patch Updates and Introduction of a New Vera

There will be several patch updates to the alpha version of the Valhalla “Battle Arena” as well as the introduction of a new Vera!

DeFi (Staking and Farming)

DeFi staking and farming will be introduced through solutions that include partnerships with key DeFi protocols. We are in talks with multiple partners already and expect these integrations to start going live in Q3.

Q4 2022

Floki Debit Card

We plan to introduce a Floki Debit Card in collaboration with key partners in the payments industry. Talks are at an advanced stage with select partners and this should be feasible by Q4. Holders of the Gemstone NFTs will be whitelisted for early access to this debit card before the wider community.

Initiate Full DAO Transition

The much anticipated transition to full DAO which allows the community to directly create proposals and suggest changes to Floki subject to a DAO vote will be initiated.

This will involve a process that begins with introducing a platform that allows the community to be more directly involved in creating proposals that can be voted on to determine the future of the project while creating in the legal framework that allows the DAO to fully come into place.

Several of the world’s biggest T1 exchanges that are planning to list Floki have expressly confirmed that Floki needs to be a full DAO before they list Floki, so this could be a catalyst for more exciting things to come towards accelerating adoption for Floki.

University of Floki Public Launch

The University of Floki crypto education platform will be launched to the public.


FLOKI’s NFT and merchandise marketplace, FlokiPlaces, is expected to be introduced to the public.

Valhalla — Release

The first release-worthy version of the Valhalla GameFi metaverse will go live on the Optimistic testnet.

All issues found in previous alpha versions will have been fixed and improved upon. This is the public version for users that will be playable on the Optimistic Kovan network. This will include several key features that incorporate game economics, quests, clans, open world traversal, island deeds, player NFTs, creature NFTs, item NFTs and even eSports.




FLOKI is the main utility token of the Floki Ecosystem. Learn more about FLOKI: https://floki.com