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Every first Monday of the month, Floki core team member and
Head of Operations, B, does an AMA with the Floki community to keep Floki holders abreast of developments within the Floki Ecosystem and answer questions that users might have.

Please find the latest AMA below (December 4, 2023):

1) As we all know Valhalla is the flagship product of Floki. With 2024 roadmap coming soon, is there something bigger planned? A Floki product even bigger than Valhalla?

If there is something about the Floki team, it is that we have a knack for aiming bigger when most think we have given our best. I can tell you confidently that a lot of big things are being discussed for the 2024 Floki roadmap. I wouldn’t say “bigger than Valhalla”, as Valhalla is quite big and has been in the works for around 2 years now. It is also our flagship utility product.

The Floki community will decide exactly “how big” some of the things we’ve got planned for 2024 are. I am quite excited personally, however! I will say you can expect to see more implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), and more products that show Floki as a forward-thinking project!

2) Is Valhalla still set to release this year?
What are the tokenomics for floki going to look like within the game?What benefits will the game bring to floki holders?
Will there be a set date for mainnet launch to give folks time to be ready for it?

Haha, those are a lot of questions in one!

So let me address them one by one:

Is Valhalla still set to release this year?

As to when to release Valhalla, this is something we have been contemplating deeply internally for a while now especially since we’ve been inundated by requests from loyal Vikings who want Valhalla mainnet to only launch in the peak of the bull market. We’re also paying a great deal of attention to data, especially since Valhalla is our biggest project yet, by far.

While we’ve shown our commitment to building regardless of market conditions, and our ability to ship stuff aggressively, we believe it is very important (critical even!) to properly time the release of the Valhalla mainnet release. Valhalla is our biggest project BY FAR, and Floki’s flagship utility product — one that we’ve been building for about two years now. We can only launch it on mainnet once, and getting the timing right could be the difference between it being the hottest and most active game or it being a dud, and we do not take this fact lightly. This also seems to be something a lot of people in the community are curious about: should Valhalla launch right now or during the peak of the bull run?

Based on careful analysis of the data, and the fact that we can only do this mainnet launch once — and also due to the fact that the successful of its launch could be of existential significance to Floki, we will only launch Valhalla mainnet during perfect market conditions.

Exactly what does perfect market conditions mean? I will go into that in a bit, but I’d like to first take you back memory lane with regards to the Floki Binance listing — which happened in the bear market. “Wen Binance?” was the most asked question in the Floki community, and many expected it to be this mega catalyst that should literally help push Floki mainstream at the time of the listing… but it didn’t, because the market conditions weren’t right. If that listing were to have happened during the peak of the bull market, the impact certainly would have been A LOT more explosive! Valhalla is even more critical and of a much bigger significance to Floki than a Binance listing.

So what would the perfect condition be for this kind of launch? We’re particularly looking at a few key factors:

1. Retail needs to be here: Floki is a retail-focused cryptocurrency, and Valhalla is a retail-focused blockchain game. Launching it before we have massive retail influx back into crypto will be a BIG mistake. There is barely any “retail” presence in crypto now, but this will be different in a few months. Worse, as we saw with the “useless” (as it claims itself to be) frog that stole a lot of attention from Floki earlier this year, if timing is fumbled with a project launch/key event you could have a subpar project come out of nowhere, launch in the perfect time, and steal your thunder. This is even more important in an industry like crypto where momentum could make or break a project.

From our experience, engagement and activity in a full bull run is usually 5–10 times or more higher than in other market conditions. So essentially that means potentially getting 5–10 times more people, or more, checking out Valhalla just because we chose to wait for a more suitable timing.

2. While BTC has been incredibly strong lately, it is important not to mistake the current market for a full bull run yet. It is a bull run, don’t get me wrong… but not yet the kind of bull run in which you want to launch your most important product. We will get there soon. We know that retail is not here yet, and many have predicted that there will be a sharp correction after this rally before the true bull run starts.

Some of the key factors we are paying attention to include:

- Bitcoin ETF approval
- Bitcoin Halving
- FED rate cuts

Interestingly, all of the above are projected to happen around Q1/Q2 2024, and several key sources are predicting that to be when the true bull run starts.

When you also add to this the fact the 2024 is a key election year in the US, then 2024 is when it seems everything is lining up for crypto’s greatest bull run… and that is when we intend to go live on mainnet for maximum impact, considering how critical Valhalla’s success is to Floki’s survival.

Internally, we are favoring a launch pre-halving which has historically been very bullish for crypto. So that could likely be Q1, 2024. However, nothing is set in stone. We will be ready to deploy whenever the market conditions look best and retail presence is heavy.

As we always emphasize, timing is everything!

The above data and facts is also why we have been channeling a lot of our resources towards TokenFi for the time being, which has been a massive success in adding value to FLOKI and has resulted in 21% of Floki supply locked up in such a short time frame.

What are the tokenomics for floki going to look like within the game?

This will be announced when the game goes live on mainnet.

What benefits will the game bring to floki holders?

It will enhance the utility of the FLOKI token and result in a lot of FLOKI being locked within the Valhalla Ecosystem, which should enhance the utility and value of the FLOKI token.

Will there be a set date for mainnet launch to give folks time to be ready for it?

Yes, we will make sure people have an idea of when we will go live on mainnet.

3) The last TokenFi reward for FLOKI staking ends in 27 Oct 2027.. that means anyone staking for 4 years now will have days that wont receive TokenFi rewards after 27 Oct’27.

So what are you going to do for 4 years staking? Will it be decomissioned soon?

Correct. Staking rewards will end on the 27th of October, 2027.

Haha, four years is a lot of time. God keep us until then. I believe at this point we have shown consistently that we will always protect the interests of the Floki Vikings. So stay tuned!

4) How excited are you for 2024 roadmap compared to 2023 roadmap?

Very excited. I think the Vikings are going to like a lot of the new things we will be introducing! 🔥️

5) Are you targeting big players/institutions with TokenFi platform. Are they already interested in our project?

I would think a more appropriate way to ask the question is “Are big players/institutions targeting TokenFi?” to which I will answer “HELL YEAH!” The amount of FOMO I have seen for TokenFi among institutional guys is insane!

We have already announced some of them as partners, and we will announce more in due time. In fact, I am sure some of you saw that Binance staked 105 billion FLOKI tokens, which is now worth $3.9 MILLION, for 1 year to earn $TOKEN. This is the world’s biggest crypto exchange, and one of the most respected crypto institutions in the world. They rarely do this.

While I’m not at liberty to disclose right now, I can assure you that we are in discussions with big institutional players and have initiated discussions with even bigger ones through some of our contacts who are very close with the tradfi world. In my opinion, TokenFi adoption and dominance is inevitable… both from a retail and institutional standpoint. God willing!

6) RWA is the most attractive narrative right now in crypto world, as we know, many project claim to be RWA, can you explaine to us why we must believe tokenfi will be the king of RWA?

There are a lot of reasons why I believe TokenFi will be the king of RWA:

- TokenFi will be the most holistic tokenization platform in the world. Regardless of your crypto experience, you will be able to take the steps required to create your token or tokenize an asset, ensure quality liquidity for it, and make it overall more successful in just a few clicks and a lot faster than with other platforms.

- We are working with the best partners towards ensuring a successful RWA tokenization platform, especially on an institutional level. We recently gave insights into how we will be working with Chainlink to ensure the most robust RWA tokenization platform: https://twitter.com/tokenfi/status/1729505395498959084

- I also believe we have/would have the most user-friendly tokenization platform in the entire space. We do not take UX lightly and continue to heavily invest in some of the best UX talents in the space, and I believe this will be very clear with TokenFi soon enough!

- We have one of the biggest warchests of any RWA project that I am aware of at the moment, and we will be deploying this into aggressively ramping up adoption for TokenFi. Our User Incentives Rewards is currently worth over $15 MILLION and will be used to incentivize usage of the platform. Our treasury — which will be used for development, growth, and marketing — is several times bigger than that, and we will be deploying this into accelerating the growth of the platform accordingly.

- Finally, let’s not forget it is the same Floki core team that made Floki a global phenomenon that is running TokenFi. That’s a massive advantage a lot of tokenization projects do not have.

7) After the first utilities for #TokenFi are released including the #RWA Module and #AI Integration… do you plan to add more utilities to the TokenFi brand?

Of course. At Floki we NEVER rest on our laurels, and the same applies to TokenFi which is a Floki sister project.

8) Wen roadmap?

Soon. Towards the end of this year or early next year.

9) Will roadmap be combined for $Token & $Floki or separate?
What part of it are you most bullish on?

The roadmap for $TOKEN and $FLOKI will be separate. I’m equally bullish on all of them, or at least that should be the right answer I think? 🤷️

That’s all we have today!! Thanks again B for all of the information!! I can see this one giving the community plenty to discuss.




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